At Trymwood Studios we have had the privilege of working with some inspiring artists. Read more about their lives and experience here. 

Kim Atkinson rca

Artist and naturalist, Kim Atkinson (b.1962) lives on the westernmost tip of Pen Llŷn in North Wales, an environment that provides abundant inspiration for her work. It is here that Kim delights in ‘crawling around’ in wild

spaces, drawing the rare and beautiful species that thrive near her home.

Wynona Legg

Artist and conservationist, Wynona Legg (b.1990), places drawing from nature at the heart of her practice. 

Wynona Legg

Nik Pollard rca

Artist and naturalist,

Nik Pollard (b. 1970), began his observations of nature on the marshes in Kent, where he grew up. He now lives in Bristol. As well as engaging with projects further afield, he is always keen to learn about the nature on his doorstep.

Greg Poole

Artist and naturalist, Greg Poole (1960–2018), 

was respected for his depth of knowledge and expressive visual responses to the natural world. His observations of nature, through drawing and painting in the field, were later reimagined into monotypes and relief prints in his Bristol studio.