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At Trymwood Studios we have had the privilege of working with some inspiring artists. Read more about their lives and experience here. 


Kim Atkinson RCA

Artist and naturalist, Kim Atkinson (b.1962) lives on the westernmost tip of Pen Llŷn in North Wales, an environment that provides abundant inspiration for her work. It is here that Kim delights in ‘crawling around’ in wild

spaces, drawing the rare and beautiful species that thrive near her home.

Daniel Cole

Artist and naturalist, Daniel Cole (b.1965) lives in Cornwall. Surrounded by wildlife and stunning countryside. He has been interested in nature for as long as he can remember 

Coo Geller

Artist and Printmaker, Coo Geller lives and works in Bristol. Nature is the source for my work. I am first drawn to a particular natural material, perhaps a plant or a vegetable, when I notice a tiny aspect of it that I find fascinating. I record this to communicate its special, un-noticed qualities.

Eve Harker

Eve Harker is a textile artist and illustrator based in Bath. All of her work is inspired by nature, creating weavings, and soft sculptures through traditional crafting techniques, including weaving, crochet and spinning.