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Nik Pollard 2020 - Bombus lucorum & Bombus lapidarius - mixed media cropped.jpg


         PAST EXHIBITION        

a collection of Clover

& other wonders

An Exhibition of Artworks by Coo Geller

12th - 28th May 2023

Thursdays - Sundays

11am - 4pm

or by appointment


This is an exciting exhibition that celebrates an artistic practice committed to closely pondering the ordinary to expose the extraordinary—from the surprising beauty of football-pitch clover to the intrigue of an oak tree at its molecular level. 

       PAST EXHIBITIONS        

The online catalogues of our previous exhibitions are here for you to enjoy.

Some of the work is available to purchase, please contact us if you require further information.

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Greetings Cards

We have chosen some of our favourite artworks to put on the front of these collectable cards.


Designed in-house, the cards include written information about the artist and subject.


Events, Courses & Workshops

Our new programme of workshops and events for the coming months, designed to encourage all ages to get creative in natural surroundings.


Catch up on what's been happening at Trymwood Studio.