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Nik Pollard RCA

About the artist

Nik Pollard’s work is generated from sustained, direct observation with paintings and drawings often resolved in the field. A period of dedicated study at single or related locations is a necessary part of his process. Drawing from all the senses, he investigates the rhythms and characteristics of a location and its ecology, resulting in a sense of time and place.


Working with a range of mediums, he focuses on the essential aspects of what it is that has drawn him to the subject. Searching for a balance between figuration and abstraction he enjoys exploring the ambiguity and serendipity of mark making.  When working in the studio he often turns to printmaking in order to pursue an idea further, substituting the thrill of the first-hand direct response with the magic of printmaking and the exploration of materials and processes that cannot easily be replicated outdoors.

Nik has been involved and has helped develop a number of SWLA projects, he sees art education as a perfect opportunity to help people re-engage with nature and believes that art has a role in promoting conservation stories. Teaching is an integral part of his practice; he has been a guest tutor at the Royal College of Art, Artist in Residence at Marlborough College and Programme co-ordinator at Rabley Drawing Centre in Wiltshire.


He has been commissioned as a designer/illustrator by conservation NGOs, publishers and private companies; illustrating subjects ranging from Peter and the Wolf to the HS2. 


Nik graduated from the Royal College of Art in 1998.

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