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Julia Manning RE - The Decline of the Eels

Exhibition opens

4th - 18th November 2021

Weekdays: 10am - 2.30pm

Weekend: 11am - 4pm

Did you know that the European eel is among the most endangered species in Britain? A fish once so common and frequently caught in the River Thames to make eel pies and jellied eels, now faces near extinction. To draw attention to their significant decline, Somerset-based print-maker, Julia Manning, has made a series of striking prints, capturing the eel's incredible life-cycle from the deep blue waters of the Sargasso Sea to European freshwater and back again—drawing attention to the many environmental perils they now face to survive.


Meet the Artist

6th November 2021

3pm - 4pm

booking essential

An exciting opportunity to meet Julia Manning and learn more about how she makes her work.

An accomplished printmaker, Julia will share with us the precious sketchbooks, plates and research notes she made when creating ‘The Decline of the Eels’ print series.

We will also hear more about the fascinating and elusive European eel and the current

environmental crisis affecting their survival.

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