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13th Nov - 20th Dec

Trymwood Studios is delighted to present MEADOW –

an exhibition of work by artist and naturalist Nik Pollard.

With projects further afield cancelled this year, Nik has focused on wildlife closer to home, engaging instead with a long-held fascination with meadow and the diverse wildlife that inhabits it. Ten years ago, Nik helped to plant several areas of meadow in the orchard at Trymwood. This established habitat, along with the banks of lavender in the garden, provide a home and food source for many insect species. This year, Nik has given particular focus to the Bombus or bumblebee species; their extraordinary physical qualities and behaviour.  

Work is available to buy.

To view details click/tap the individual artworks - please contact us if you would like more information


With this wonderful subject matter on the doorstep, Nik has been able to move between field and studio to build a body of work that not only celebrates the flora and fauna but also explores different drawing and printing mediums. 


 Nik's work is generated from sustained, direct observation with paintings and drawings often resolved in the field. A period of dedicated study at single or related locations is a 

necessary part of his process. Drawing from all the senses, he investigates the rhythms and characteristics of a location and it’s ecology, resulting in a sense of time and place.


Alongside this new work, we are pleased to show some of Nik’s field studies made in the very different meadow habitats of the chalk downland of Wiltshire and the ancient pastures at Kingcombe, in Dorset.