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About the artist

Eve Harker is a textile artist and illustrator based in Bath. Using weaving, crochet and spinning, Eve creates tactile work that reflects organic forms, always inspired by nature. 


Eve’s inspiration comes from walks in the park as well as more urban environments where nature emerges through cracks and crevices in stone work on buildings or pavements. These discoveries can result in work that directly interprets what she observes or takes an unpredictable direction. 


Using her hands allows Eve to directly feel the medium, as she concentrates on the tactility and softness of the wool, while the repetitive rhythm of production becomes therapeutic. The 

malleability of wool gives Eve the creative freedom she seeks - with pieces sometimes spooling across the floor and walls or drooping from the ceiling. 


Working with found materials gives Eve’s work several lives. Sometimes she reuses wool from other projects or discovers lost wool previously placed in a drawer and forgotten about. Eve’s work offers materials a second chance - an escape from landfill. 

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